Top 10 Best Medical Disposable Face Masks in 2020

The popularity of medical disposable face masks is at an all-time global high. It may have the word medical in its name but these masks are an incredibly versatile product that is worn to protect people in a variety of sectors. A medical mask is effectively a loose-fitting disposable mask which acts as a physical barrier between your nose and mouth, and the outside world. It protects others from germs and bacteria by trapping them from flying out of your mouth. It further protects you as the wearer, from inhaling any airborne droplets or virus particles.

What do masks protect you from?

Masks are multifaceted and can protect our respiratory systems from many harmful elements that we are exposed to in different scenarios. This is what your mask will shield you from:

Smog, Pollen, Viruses, Dust, Mould, Allergens, Fungi, Bacteria.

Traditionally, it was felt that only those who worked in environments where they may be more exposed to these elements should wear personal protective equipment. Nowadays, we are aware that we could expose our body to these elements at any time, and we should be better prepared, by always wearing a medical disposable face mask.

Industries which use medical masks

There are several industries across the globe where medical masks are required to be worn at all times. This is because a worker may be exposed to various harmful substances, which could be fatal to their respiratory system. These industries include mining, oil & gas, medical, biology, science, and waste disposal.

Employees in the food processing and packaging sector, need to wear medical masks to prevent the coughing up of any particles onto the source of food. Here we have an example of when a medical mask is used to protect others from germs. Besides the industries that we have already mentioned, it is becoming more popular for individuals to purchase medical disposable face masks, for personal use. Running your errands with a facemask adds extra peace of mind that you have taken all the steps to protect yourself when going out of the house.

Since medical masks have skyrocketed in popularity, we thought we would compile a list of the top 10 best medical disposable face masks in 2020, on Amazon.

What are masks made from

Medical face masks are generally triple-layered. They are created with nonwoven fabric on the outer layer, an antibacterial nanofibre membrane on the inner layer, while a nonwoven meltblown cloth acts as the filtration layer for the mask.

10. Non-Woven Fabric 3 Ply Disposable Face Masks

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This disposable medical facemask is easy-going on your skin and crafted to the highest standards. This mask is ideal for navigating crowded areas, such as transport hubs and shopping malls. These masks also function well for painters and construction workers.

9. Disposable Filter Mask 3 Ply Earloop Face Mask

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As is the norm with most medical disposable face masks, this option is designed with three ply protection. The three-layer protection of this mask allows for easier breathing. The surgical mask comes fitted with a comfortable elastic hook, allowing you to wear your mask comfortably for hours.

8. Disposable- Elastic Ear Loop Face Mask

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These disposable elastic earloop face masks are also designed with a three ply protective feature. They come in packs of 50 and are ideal for short periods, like going to shops or using it on the train or bus.

7. Medical Grade Disposable Surgical Face Masks


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The medical-grade disposable surgical masks are good enough for a doctor. They are sold in boxes of 50 and are crafted using leak-free non woven fabric.

6. Three Layers Disposable Respirator Face Mask

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Three-layer disposable respirator masks are designed with multi-layers of powerful filtering to protect your respiratory system. The outer layer is a waterproof non-woven fabric. The middle layer is a medical-grade filter paper, which is designed to block dust coming into your respiratory system. The inner layer of the mask, which is in contact with the face, is a soft non woven fabric, smooth on the skin.

5. Medical Mask Disposable Face Mask (Blue-50Pcs)

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This disposable mask is suited to protect themselves from dust and bacteria. Besides having the typical 3 ply safety features, it comes with an adjustable nose clip, making it easier to ensure a secure fit around your mouth and nose.

4. XiongBuy Disposable Facemask

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The XionBuy disposable facemask runs on a three layer filtration system, extracting any harmful elements from the passage into your respiratory system. These masks are expertly crafted, and protect your respiratory system from any harmful air or virus trying to enter it.

3. Disposable Facial Protection 3 Layers Non-woven

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Disposable facial protection masks allow for easy adjustment to ensure that the mask is protecting both your nose and mouth. This mask comes with hidden nose strips, enabling you to adjust and fit the mask accordingly.

2. Disposable Safety Paint Face 𝐌ask

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The disposable safety paint face mask is a versatile option for families. It can be adjusted to fit any face size and can be used by both adults and children. Whilst it is best used for painting, this mask can also protect against dust, smoke, and viruses.

1. 50Pcs Disposable 3-PLY Non-woven Earloop Face RespiratorDisposable

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The 3-ply non-woven earloop face masks are designed to fit comfortably and be worn for hours on end. The maks have been proven to be 95% efficient in filtering any unwanted elements from our respiratory systems. If you have sensitive skin, then this is the mask you want to get. It is both chemical and dye-free, meaning it is non-invasive for your skin.

You need to know what you are are looking for in a disposable mask. What will protect your respiratory system when you head out to the grocery store? Are you trying not to spread your virus to others, or are you renovating the house, and need to protect yourself from toxic chemicals?

One thing is for sure, these top 10 best medical disposable masks in 2020, will protect your respiratory system from all the elements. Remember, they are disposable and will only last for a short time. Once you have finished with your medical mask, threw it away, and grab one that is not compromised.