top 10 best Disposable Gloves in 2021

1. MedPride Medical Vinyl Examination Gloves

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• Medpride Medical Vinyl Exam groves are designed to hold blood contaminants, body fluids, and food services. Our gloves offer reliable protection from contracting infections, bloodborne pathogens, and other diseases.

• Heavy-duty flexibility. For maximum protection, these gloves are thick and flexible for heavy-duty purposes. These gloves are designed with a 4 mm thickness of PVC material, making them the most versatile medical gloves and more robust than the latex or nitrile gloves. Their elasticity offers you the much-needed agility and control for your equipment and needles.

• Applicable for both industrial and commercial purposes. Our vinyl medical examination gloves are usable in a wide range of functions such as by emergency personnel, lab technicians, hospice care, elder care personals, medical staff, veterinary services, and dental specialists, among other medical professionals.

• Comes in a wide range of Sizes. Our powder-free gloves are precisely 9.5 inches and are wearable either on the left or right hand equally in women and men. Besides, they are available in x-large, large, medium, and small sizes for more flexibility.

• Available in bulk box order. A box contains 100 pieces of gloves, making it ideal for a busy office. Besides, the packs are stackable and are very easy to store in bulk.


• Easy to dispose of for a safe and a quick clean up

• Power free and made of latex material

• Suitable for food service or medical examination purposes.

• Wearable on both left and right hands.

• Ideal Glove Length of 9.5 inches.

• Loose-Fit Comfort and smooth for maximum comfort while wearing.

• Thickness: 4 Mil

• Maximum protection of your hands and your health in general.

2. MedPride Powder-Free Nitrile Exam Gloves,

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• Perfect gloves for anyone sensitive /allergic to donning powder or natural rubber latex gloves.

• Have a comfortable fit and extremely textured fingertips for excellent tactile sensitivity.

• Stretchable and have an extraordinary strength for maximum puncture resistance hence full protection.

• Our gloves have incredibly high puncture resistance capacity and durable, making them suitable for tattoo artists, law enforcement officers, physicians, and first-aid responders.

• Have a premium blue color.

• Features smooth exterior finish for maximum protection.


• An excellent alternative to high-quality latex gloves.

• Offer maximum protection for various professional and hobbyists too.

• Disposable Nitrile gloves.

• Made of high-quality systematic rubber that is much better than latex.

• Advanced puncture resistance.

• Heavy duty strength

• Higher gas/chemical/ liquid protection.

• Advanced tactile sensitivity without compromising the above features.




3. ProCure Disposable Nitrile Gloves –

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• Comes in medium-sized pieces.

• Made up of rubber latex-free material

• Medical examination grade hence offers maximum protection

• Best quality disposable gloves meant for a wide range of professional usage

• Our gloves have advanced tear-resistance and maximum strength for extemporary unique reliability.

• Nonlatex and non-powder are hence usable by anyone with potential skin allergies and sweaty hands discomforts.

• Versatile our gloves are applicable in both medical, home, and food services purposes and settings such as in scientific labs, medical & dental offices, restaurants & food prep, beauty salons, warehouses & home cleaning, among other

• We support bulk supply or home supply. Choose the box of your choice ranging from the one with 200, 400, or even 2000 pieces per box

• Available in various sizes, extra-large to medium sixes.


• Disposable

• Textured Fingertips

• Cool Blue Color

• Enhanced Comfort and Strength.

• Ambidextrous.

4. MedPride Powder-Free Nitrile Exam Gloves.

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• The ideal gloves for anyone with sensitive skin on donning powder or natural rubber latex.

• Comes with extraordinary stretchable durability and strength.

• Comes in a medium-sized fit, making them ideal for personas with big or smaller hands.

• Best quality hence doesn’t get torn when wearing or removing from your hands.

• Made up of flexible materials, thus making them easy to take off or put on.

• The material doesn’t irritate when worn for a considerable time or in those with sweaty/ sensitive skin.

• Fits perfectly on your hands and doesn’t slide out when working


• Suitable for both men and women, right or left-handed personals.

• Relatively cheaper due to the great value in each pack, 100/ box.

• Best substitute for latex gloves

• Doesn’t leave residue (powder-free) on your hands or emit any unpleasant odor

5. MedPride Nitrile Exam Gloves.

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• Each pack contains 100 pieces.

• Powder-free gloves.

• Disposable exam gloves feature textured fingertips for maximum gripping with your equipment.

• Available in iris blue color.


• Unmatched value with 100 or 1000 gloves per pack.

• Doesn’t make your hands sweaty.

• Versatile makes them usable in a wide range of handling activities, from food services to house chores.

• Advanced puncture resistance.

• Heavy-duty strength.

• Higher chemical, gas, and liquid protection.

• Usable by physicians, tattoo artists, law enforcement, among other professionals.

• Multipurpose, you can use them in various types of work

6. Medpride Medical Examination Latex Gloves

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• Strong and durable. These gloves are five mils thick and powder-free.

• Heavy duty gloves and offer a tremendous tactile sensitivity hence making them suitable for handling adequate equipment.

• Pull-on closure gloves.

• Advanced medical grade puncture resilience with a comfortable fit.

• Extremely versatile. Our gloves are designed to be used in a wide range of professional activities such as hair coloring specialists, cleaners, pet care specialists, painters, home improvement professionals, among others.


• Our Medpride Latex gloves comes with a very comfortable fitting

• Comes in various sizes

• Great value for your money. Our gloves are packed in boxes of various quantities, 100 or 1000 gloves.

• Total protection of your hands against dirt, dust, hazardous/body fluids, ink stains, among other contaminants in any situation.

• Packed in too creative design boxes for convenient stacking and storage.

• Disposable


• Single Use Only

• Expensive.

7. AMMEX Medical Clear Vinyl Gloves.

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• Powder-free gloves.

• Available in medium sizes.

• Comes in boxes of 100 pieces.

• Our AMMEX Medical Clear groves are made using lightweight four mil thickness and measure 9.5 inches from the glove cuff to the fingertip.

• Made up of Vinyl synthetic material, i.e., PVC( polyvinyl chloride ) hence offer an ideal fitting

• Great versatility hence making them ideal for lab work, food service, medical procedure, hair salon, among other light applications.


• Clear Color

• Smooth Texture

• Latex and Powder Free

• 9.5 Inch Length

• Non-Sterile

• 4 Mil Exam Grade Vinyl

• Polymer Coated

• Disposable gloves.


• Single Use Only

8. AMMEX X3 Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves

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• Our Black AMMEX Industrial Nitrile Gloves are designed mainly for lightweight purposes.

• Great chemical and tear resistance.

• Black gloves conceal grime and dirt hence making them great for automotive activities, food service, janitorial purposes, among other applications.

• Perfectly textured fingertips for maximum gripping, making it possible for you to hold equipment when procedures get chaotic.


• Black color

• Chlorinated

• Industrial Grade 3-Mil Nitrile

• Textured

• 9 1/2 Inch Length

• Disposable glove


• Non-Sterile

• Single Use Only

9. Large Disposable Vinyl Exam Gloves,

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• Comes in 4 Mil-Thickness.

• Latex and powder-free.

• Ideal cleaning gloves and blue.

• Great value for your money 100 counts per box while taking care of high quality.

• Multi-purpose. Usable in lab work, hair coloring tasks, crafts, arts, tattooing, painting, and food preparation.


• Ergonomic Design for maximum comfort of your fingers and palm, thus allowing enough blood circulation

• Convenient to use since the box comes with 100 gloves.

• Easy to remove and wear since you can pick your right sizes.

• Disposable Vinyl gloves.

• Superior Comfort

10. AMMEX Medical Clear Vinyl Gloves

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• Constructed using lightweight four mils thick material.

• Measures 91/2 inches from the glove cuff to the fingertip, making them very comfortable to wear.

• Powder and latex-free gloves hence making them ideal for anyone with natural rubber allergies.

• Disposable gloves and available in Large, medium, and small sizes.

• Available in a variety of colors.