Top 10 Best HDTV Antennas Reviews

By generating crystal clear pictures and top notch sound quality that no one ever imagined would be possible a few years ago HDTV has totally changed how people watch television. However, to get the perfect experience from your HDTV it is crucial to buy a high-quality HDTV antenna. Unlike the traditional antennas, the HDTV antennas improve picture quality significantly and are also very easy to install and use. To help you get the best antenna for your TV here is a review of top 10 best HDTV antennas 2015 reviews.

10. Winegard FL5500A FlatWave Amped Razor Thin HDTV Indoor Antenna

Winegard FL5500A FlatWave Amped Razor Thin HDTV Indoor Antenna

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Sleek, compact and modern are the three words that can be used to describe this antenna. However, its attractiveness does not stop at the appearance since its performance is also top-notch. The Winegard FL5500A comes with a low noise amplifier to limit noise destructions. This dual-band amplified antenna also has a reception of up to 50 miles, a USB power supply and LED power indicator for easy operation.


9. Mohu Leaf 50 Indoor HDTV Antenna (formerly Leaf Ultimate)

Mohu Leaf 50 Indoor HDTV Antenna (formerly Leaf Ultimate)

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This antenna comes with what most people consider the most sophisticated amplifier currently available in the market. Using this amplifier, the antenna can get rid of unwanted signals and boost the ones you want. Besides from this, it is multi-directional and hence no need for pointing it to a particular direction. In case you wish to customize yours it is also paintable. Other things that wild make you happy are its ease of installation and the 50-mile range.


8. 1Byone 0.03” Paper Thin Antenna

1Byone 0.03” Paper Thin Antenna

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Everybody loves small but efficient appliances, and 1Byone must have hard this in mind when designing this antenna. This paper thin antenna is only 0.03 inches in thickness and very light making it easy to handle. Besides from the advantages brought about by its dimensions this antenna also has an excellent reception for Freeview, digital and even analog signals. What makes the 1Byone unique and a favorite of many people is that it is compatible with HDTVs of different digital terrestrial signal.


7. Winegard FreeVision (FV-30BB)

Winegard FreeVision (FV-30BB)

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This antenna can act as both an indoor and outdoor antenna while still maintaining high performance. It is capable of receiving both HD and DTV signal with a quality that can only be matched by a few other antennas in the market. It has a maximum range of 30 miles and is compatible with any digital tuner including computers and satellite receivers. Despite having a shorter range, the image and sound quality you get when using this antenna is worth every coin spent on it.


6. AmazonBasics Ultra-Thin Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna

AmazonBasics Ultra-Thin Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna - 50 Mile Range

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For the AmazonBasics, you can choose between the 25 miles, 35 miles, 50 miles and 60-mile range antennas but the longer the range, the better. However, it will also cost you more for the 60 miles compared to the 25-mile range antenna. This antenna is packed with many features to improve your television experiences like 1080p support and reversibility. This antenna is also paintable if you want to give it a personal touch.


5. Terk Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna

erk Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna

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This antenna might look simple in appearance, but its performance is will always leave you happy. With a 60-mile range, you do not have to live next to a tower to get quality pictures and sound. The antenna supports 1080i HDTV broadcasts, and it has a highly directional UHF element that helps to reduce signal interference hence ensuring you can watch TV anytime you wish.


4. Audiovox Corporation ANT700F RCA Indoor/Outdoor Amplified Antenna

Audiovox Corporation ANT700F RCA Indoor_Outdoor Amplified Antenna

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If you are looking for a simple and an easy to install antenna, then this is what you need to buy. This antenna won’t cost you much, but it will give the quality that you would receive from the expensive antennas. The antenna adapts well to any indoor or outdoor setting, and it will perform better than larger antennas.


3. Antennas Direct C1 Clearstream 1

Antennas Direct C1 Clearstream 1

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In case of bad weather or damage to your cable, you will need to have an emergency backup if you wish to continue enjoying your HDTV. This antenna is the perfect back up for you due to what it has to offer. The antenna receives crystal clear images, and you can enjoy local services like FOX, CBS and NBC all free of charge.


2. Channel Master CM-3000HD indoor / outdoor HDTV Antenna

Channel Master CM-3000HD indoor _ outdoor HDTV Antenna

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This antenna has been designed to perform efficiently when fixed indoors or outdoors and it is an excellent choice for HDTV reception. Besides from this, it is also very lightweight and compact making it a great antenna. You also do not have to worry about positioning it since it has an omnidirectional performance.


1. Antennas Direct C2-V-CJM

Antennas Direct C2-V-CJM

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This antenna does not make it to the top of the list by chance since it’s probably the best HDTV antenna currently available in the market. Most customer and expert reviews have rated it very highly due to its performance. There are many things that make it a great antenna, but the clarity of both the picture and sound signals is perhaps its greatest strength. To show that the manufacturer has a lot of confidence in its performance, it comes with a lifetime warranty.