Top 10 Best face masks protection against viruses

With the recent pandemic of world flu, which causes dangerous flu disease, there has been an increased demand for personal protective equipment meant to protect the wearer from airborne particles. Among these is the Best face masks protection against viruses, which help curb the spread of the virus from an infected person to a healthy person. There are several different face masks, from homemade fabric masks to those approved by the various health organizations which are more effective in the control of viral spread.

Surgical masks, loose-fitting disposable device that creates a physical barrier between a person’s nose and mouth from potential contaminants in the immediate environment, have proved useful in the control of viruses from infected persons to healthy individuals. For one to achieve the benefits of wearing a mask, some factors should be considered, among them being size, type, and source or manufacturer of the mask. The top face masks to be considered to curb viral spread discussed in my article below :

1. 3m 8511 respirator mask provides respiratory protection for any job.

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The mask protects against non-oil-based particles, which include viruses. Some outstanding features of this disposable respirator mask are braided headbands, an exhalation valve, and an adjustable M-nose clip for easy customization. It should be replaced regularly and has a lifespan of 8- hours. The 3M mask is best suited for environments with a lot of heat and high humidity. The 3m 8511 protects against the spread of Tuberculosis and the Avian Flu.


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Curad antiviral masks are among the best surgical masks, yet have proved to provide protection only to a few viral particles. It is especially possible as the cover has several antiviral particles embedded in its material and can kill viruses within several minutes by attaching to the first layer of the curad mask. It is effective against two types of influenza viruses and other touches of flu. The first and second layers of the mask are treated with different compounds that inactivate influenza viruses. In the outer layer, viruses are inactivated by exposure to a low pH surface. The cover does not protect against COVID-19. The curad mask is disadvantageous because it has a bad odor, which is a turnoff to many.

3. KN95 Face Masks, Eventronic 50 Pack KN95 Masks


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A highly energetic particle filtrating mask has a microfiber media filter with an adjustable nose clip and is NIOSH approved. All these features make it a top priority when it comes to controlling the viral spread and other particles that can affect the respiratory system. As a plus, it has a very close facial fit, light in weight, making it very comfortable to use, and efficiently filters airborne particles. These respirators have a span of 14 days when used for an average of 3- hours a day.


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Latex-free with a soft texture, the dynarex surgical masks are comfortable to use and last relatively longer. Apart from their comfortability, these masks have a firm hold which provides several hours of airborne particle protection, including pathogens. Also, these masks have a flexible nose piece that helps form a closure providing better security.


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Made from nylon material with unique ventilation, these masks are popular among bikers and individuals who are especially interested in outdoor activities. These masks are washed, making them re-usable. They protect from dust and other air particles but not effective in the control of viral particles; hence cannot be depended on to curb COVID-19.

6. KN95 Face Mask – 25 Pack KN95 Disposable Masks, 5-Ply Protection Cup Dust Mask Efficiency≥95% Against


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Are high-grade medical masks with a relatively short shelf-life hence should be manufactured depending on the demands in the market. These masks are disposable and fluid resistant. They are NIOSH approved and help protect against individual airborne biological particles. The 3M 1860 is highly efficient in particle filtration hence effective against certain bacteria and viruses.

7. AMZ Dust Masks for Adults


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The mask has several filtering layers, which makes it thick-enough but not affecting breathability at the same time. Unihow filter ply filters allergens that can affect the airway and consequently traps off viral particles. Is soft and comfortable with double head straps hence cannot quickly drop. The 3-ply disposable face mask is leak-proof with a high-density filter layer.


Best face masks protection against viruses

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Work effectively in control of viruses, the FWPP masks manufacturer uses many layers to achieve this. There are four layers: the top quality non-woven material and a meltdown fabric. These four layers provide an excellent barrier to the passage of small aerosols and unpleasant odors that affect the respiratory system. This respirator has a filtration efficiency of 90 percent against airborne particles. The mask is soft enough and fits well on the face providing comfortable all-day wear. The disadvantage of the FWPP mask is that it is not durable compared to the other masks hence the need to be replaced over and over.


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The N95 mask filters up to 95 percent of non-oil-based particulate out of the inhaled air. The 3M Aura has a new fresh flow valve, which helps heat and moisture to flow out and not build underneath the respirator. Also, with braided headbands and a flexible nose clip, the mask is comfortable to work with at high-temperature conditions. Thus this respirator is highly effective in blocking off particles from inhaled air. As a disadvantage, most buyers find the masks too small to serve a wide range of individuals.



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With a double-layer of coating, the protect life respirator mask is useful as a barrier to viral particles, and its durability is also commendable. The exhalation valve helps maintain easy bear with conditions under the mask as it drives out expired air controlling the sweating and hotness. The exhaled air would otherwise increase temperatures and cause sweating. It has enough breathing space hence can be used by people with breathing problems and those with allergies. The mask is guaranteed to work well, even in hazardous environments.