Top 10 Best Electric Staplers Reviews

The efficiency associated with electric staplers makes them a perfect fit for frequent use in places such as schools, offices, and even libraries. They also differ from traditional staplers because you don’t need physical force to operate them. After sliding the paper beneath the sensor, it will automatically be detected and stapled. The biggest plus of electric staplers is the hands-free convenience they offer. Unlike traditional staplers, they have a high degree of precision. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about risky injuries or jamming. Those with arthritis and other joint ailments will also find electric staplers suitable for use.

While it may be difficult to choose among the many brands available, you can make your search simpler by choosing either a portable stapler or a permanent one glued to the desk. Some also have indicator lights for power and staple refill alerts. The following is a list of the Top 10 Best Electric Staplers in 2015 Reviews;

10. Stanley Bostitch AntiJam Electric Stapler Value

Bostitch B8 Impulse 45 Sheet Electric Stapler & Staples Pack

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If you prefer a permanent stapler for your office desk, then this model will suit you. It has a suction-cup mounting with an Impulse Drive design, which allows for 3-times faster-stapling speed compared to standard models. It is highly efficient with B8 Powercrown staples that can staple up to 45 sheets of paper at a time. For urgent tasks, you don’t have to worry about staple jams, and its refills alert lights will also let you know when it’s time to reload.


9. Surebonder 9600A, Heavy Duty Staple Gun with Case

Surebonder 9600A, Heavy Duty Staple Gun with Case

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This is a portable stapler from Surebonder with an air-operated staple gun mechanism. It has an ergonomic design and recommends for heavy-duty tasks. You will find it very useful if you want to repair screen doors, strap fabric to chairs, and lay down felt roofing. It can hold up to 100 staples and functions exceptionally fast thanks to its rapid drop-in loading mechanism. The clear-view window allows you to see where the pins go, and the adjustable air exhaust system makes it easier to use.


8. Swingline S7006701

Swingline Commercial Electric Stapler, Heavy Use, 20 Sheets, Black (S7006701)

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This is an easy to use electric stapler from Swingline that features a standard and sturdy plastic and metal design complete with a durable suction grip for better stability. It is very efficient with an adjustable paper guide, which allows you to improve your staple alignment. The stapler also has an auto safety shut-off and is very affordable yet durable compared to other cheaper models. It also comes with a 7-foot cord.


7. Swingline S7048200A

Swingline Portable Electric Stapler (S7048200A)

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Where you need a portable, quiet, and highly efficient electric stapler, the Swingline S7048200A stapler also features among the Top 10 Best Electric Staplers in 2015 Reviews. Powered by either 6 AA alkaline batteries or an AC adapter, it lets you work anywhere. It also has a low-stapler indicator, which allows on-time refills to avoid unnecessary inconveniences, especially while attending to pressing tasks. Its motor-driven mechanism also means that you don’t have to worry about the noise that can distract you. The stapler will also give you a versatile placement control thanks to its precise adjustment guide.


6. Max EH-70F Max Electronic EH-70F

Max EH-70F Max Electronic EH-70F Stapler, 70 Sheet Capacity, Gray

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If you need a high-end electric stapler that can operate quietly and also handle heavy-duty tasks, then the Max EH-70F Max Electronic EH-70F holds that billing. It has a 12-foot power cord holding a maximum of 5000 staple pins and can precisely staple up to 70 sheets of paper at once. Unlike other standard models that have curved closure, this electric stapler can stack papers evenly in a neat fashion. This is because it has a flat-clinch mechanism that allows it to close flatly. You can also switch it between auto and manual stapling modes. The safety shut-off also makes the stapler highly versatile.


5. Max EH-20F Max EH-20F Flat Clinch

Max EH-20F Max EH-20F Flat Clinch Anti-Jam Elec Stapler and Stapler Cartridge, 25 Sheet Cap

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If you are working on a small budget, this electric stapler from Max will suit you. It is a fairly small stapler with solid construction. The Max EH-20F Max EH-20F Flat Clinch stapler features a quiet motor mechanism and can staple up to 2000 times (25 sheets of paper at a time) before it is reloaded. The flat-clinch stapling mechanism evens papers while the anti-jamming feature prevents operational problems.


4. Swingline Breeze S7042132

Swingline Breeze Automatic Stapler, Battery Powered, 20 Sheets, Black (S7042132)

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This is a remarkably fast stapler powered by 4 AA batteries. It is a highly rated portable electric stapler in the market and is not only quiet but is durable as well. Its clear-view window features also let you see where the staple goes. The stapler can staple up to 25 sheets of paper at a time and is easily reloaded. The indicator light will also alert you when the battery is low.


3. Panasonic AS-300NN-A

Panasonic AS-300NN-A Panasonic Commercial Electric Stapler

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This is a UL-tested commercial-grade electric stapler suitable for heavy-duty stapling. It is fairly priced and can staple up to 25 sheets of paper at once. It has an anti-jamming feature and can work fast, stapling 60 times/minute. With its auto-reverse feature and LED light, you can also adjust the stapling position and depth to about 1 inch.


2. New-Swingline 06701

Swingline 06701 Electric Automatic Stapler

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If you are looking for a fast and heavy-duty electric stapler that has a solid design and can hold more staples, this is an excellent buy. Apart from the flat clinch mechanism, it also has a flip-up alignment and illuminated staple-placement guide, which allows for precise stapling. You can also switch from auto to manual stapling modes.


1. Stanley Bostitch 02210

Bostitch Impulse 25 Electric Stapler, Full-Strip, Black

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The Stanley Bostitch 02210 comes first among the Top 10 Best Electric Staplers in 2015 Reviews. It is an efficient stapler that has a patented Impulse Drive technology and comes in either White or Black style. A deluxe value pack then again comes with additional staples. The Stanley Bostitch can staple up to 25 sheets of paper at a time (3-times faster than standard models). Its staple-storage and anti-jamming features also allow for smooth operation. The stapler has a built-in magnetic holder appropriate for paperclips along with a refill alert indicator light. With a single push of a button, you can also reload staple pins faster.