Top 10 Best Cordless Clippers Reviews

Buying a cordless hair clipper can be a difficult task given the many choices that you can find in the market today. By reading these top 10 best cordless clippers in 2015 reviews, you will be able to make the best choice.

10. Braun – Old Spice-hair Clipper

Old Spice Hair Clipper, powered by Braun

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This clipper is one of the cost-friendly choices that are available in the market today. It comes with excellent features such as an adjustable comb with eight settings. It also comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty. The clipper’s compact design is good enough to fit into any place. It’s a deal that you cannot afford to miss.


9. Panasonic- ER224S

Panasonic ER224S All-in-One Hair Clipper

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This is also another cool choice of a clipper that you can find in the market today. It is well priced and can be adjusted with ease, thanks to its 14 length settings. Other futures are stainless steel construction, quick action blades that offer a neat shave. Also, there are several other features, which make it possible to use the clip in both wet and dry conditions. Panasonic ER224S is the go-to option when you want efficiency at an affordable price.


8. Conairn21-Piece -Chrome

Conair 21-Piece Chrome Custom Haircut Kit

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This is a fabulous cordless clipper and the best choice for people who want to have many features but without paying expensively. It offers features such as five taper controls and a comb attachment that guarantees you the kind of a hairstyle that you want. It’s able to provide more power and up to fifty precision settings. The long self-sharpening and stainless steel blades work in tandem in ensuring that you have great haircuts. Nonetheless, it comes with how to use the kit and a protective storage house for safe storage when it’s not being used.


7. Yijan HK668S-Waterproof

Yijan HK668S Waterproof Ultra Quiet Chargeable Professional Hair Clipper for Babies and Children

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This is a stylish cordless clipper that’ specifically designed for use by men. It offers a waterproof treatment, quite safe and relatively more comfortable to use. It’s also able to deliver results when your body is dipped in water. Its noise level is considerably lower and the rotor power is good enough to power the blade.


6. Andis-Pet Super-AGR+ Clipper

Andis Pet Super AGR+ Cordless Rechargeable Clipper

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This is an ideal product for those who value a high-quality product. It’s a popular cordless clipper that offers more than just the basics, so you should be prepared to pay expensively for the additional features. It comes with a high-capacity battery pack that can last for up to an hour. The blade can rotate at a speed of 3800 spm. Although the price is a bit higher, it delivers an admirable level of performance.


5. Philips Noreflco-HC7452

Philips Norelco HC7452_41 7100 Hair Clipper

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This is another highly preferred and best seller at Amazon. It’s excellent pricing, together with a wide array of features, makes it an excellent option for people out there. It has a DualCut technology, which does not only help in reducing friction but also ensuring that you have a great shave. It’s also equipped with an adjustable comb that caters to the needs of every user. The washable and self-sharpening titanium blades are also a plus with this fantastic cordless hair clipper.


4. WAHL-79600-2101

Wahl 79600-2101 Lithium Ion Cordless Clipper

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The reason this product makes into this top spot is the affordable price and a wide range of features such as self-sharpening blades, well-contoured shape, and its ability to provide an elegant shape. A manual with easy to follow instructions are available.


3. WAHL 5 Star-Series-Cordless Clipper

WAHL 5 Star Series Cordless Magic Clip Clipper

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This product is much easier on the pocket and offers an ergonomic design that guarantees a firm grip. Also, it has a taper lever for more natural blending and fading. Its blade can be used on all standard WAHL combs. It’s also among the choices that have been rated top by buyers on Amazon.


2. Andis Professional-Ceramic hair-Clipper

Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper with Detachable Blade

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This is a great choice at a fairly good price. It has a powerful rotor which can run for up to an hour, thanks to its ability to keep current for longer. The blades can be detached with ease, and this helps in making cleaning much easier. The size of the clipper is much smaller when compared to competing choices, therefore, making it good for travel.


1. Conair-20- haircut Kit

Conair 20-Piece Haircut Kit with Number-Coded Clipper and Easy-to-Read Chart

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This product is not only affordable but offers a wide array of features such as five-position taper control and enough rechargeable power storage. It also offers an adjustable comb attachment. Other features are styling clip, styling comb, barber comb, scissors, and many more.